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Having a swimming pool in your back yard is always a welcomed addition to the amenities your home has. It’s a good place for the kids and the rest of the family to hang out, especially in the summer, where everyone needs an escape from the heat. It’s also a great place to gather for an afternoon barbecue or dinner party for you and your friends. However, the real challenge – and you can say trade-off – to having a swimming pool is the maintenance involved. Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore — but it DOES have to be done. Regular care keeps the water clean and balanced, and your equipment functioning properly.

OXY Pool Service is dedicated to providing each customer with the highest possible level of service. Every job is completed with pride and care, and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. It’s time to enjoy your pool again!

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  • Weekly Service

    You should love your pool everyday. Happy customers are our specialty. At OXY Pool Service, we are passionate about swimming pools and work hard to…

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  • Repairs/Installations

    OXY Pool Service diagnoses, provides the necessary parts, and repairs these common pool equipment items and many more: Filters  Pumps  Motors  Timers  Valves  Heaters Salt…

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  • Additional Services

    Ensure that your pool and its key parts are in good working order with professional-grade pool services from OXY Pool Service: Acid wash Filter Cleanings…

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